Flower Pots

Bird Feeders & Houses

Irrigation System

Big pots, small pots, plastic pots, and glass pots!  We have all kinds of pots!  New pots, used pots and handmade pots!  No excuse to not have a flower pot on your porch or patio.  Come early and get a orange pot, yellow pot and purple pot.  All colors of the rainbow.     

We have all kinds of feeders and some houses too!  Our feathered friends need a warm safe place to sleep just like we do.  You can provide that with a bird house.    If you love watching birds, you will for sure want to have feeders in your yard.  Sweet tiny birds are so pretty and fun to watch when they’re in a “feeding-frinzy” at the feeders.  Come take one home and you’ll see what we mean.  

We have green fencing, black fencing , metal fencing and plastic fencing.  Keep the critters out of your garden with awesome garden fencing.  Come early and get the “magic” fence.    

Shovels, shovels and more shovels!

Yes, I said Pretties!  We got all kinds of pretties.  Fish, Birds, Flowers, Gazing Balls, and so much more!  Better come early, it will not last long!  You will have the “prettiest” garden in the neighborhood with all these Garden Pretties.     

Garden Tools 

The yard sale booth will have a collection of yard, garden and nature related items including:

All these great items are for sale and more!!!

We have silver shovels, white shovels, black shovels and rusty shovels.  We have short shovels, long shovels and shovels with no handle.   All kinds of shovels!  Did I tell you we have shovels?   

Garden Fencing

Yep, I said irrigation system.  Tired of dragging the hose around the yard and only managing to knock over your prize bushes?  Hook it up, turn it on, let it water for ya.  We’ve got an irrigation system that will be available.  First come, first serve.  We have only one system.   

Garden Pretties

Do you like to play in the yard?  We have all kinds of garden tools to make playing a lot more fun!  Gravel-rakes, post-hole diggers, leaf-rakes, pitch-forks, you name it, we got it!  New, old, used and just plain old great garden tools!  

Bradley County Master Gardener ​Yard Sale