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Planning Your Vegetable Garden: Matt Thayer

​​A vegetable garden is like building a home, during construction inadequate planning can cause delays, add expense and have long lasting negative effects.  Site constraints may impact the type of structure used, an unsound foundation/soil leads to negative consequences and poor infrastructure contributes to unnecessary work and waste.  How do you avoid these frustrations, invest upfront and plan. This seminar explores key considerations which should be examined when planning a vegetable garden.

Seed'em & Reap: Phyllis & Bruce Tilden

Growing plants from seed is a great way to rid yourself of the winter blues and get your garden started earlier in the spring.  Plus it can save you money, give you control over what you’re planting and it’s just plain fun.  This seminar provides a basic overview of starting plants from seeds, focusing on vegetables for the garden and native plants for the landscape.

Organic Gardening: Troy Teets

What does it mean to grow vegetables organically and why is that important?  We’ll discuss these questions and review the use of sustainable methods to help ensure healthy crops.

Kitchen Composting DYI: Tiffany Pendergrass

An informative discussion on the benefits to the environment of composting for your garden.  Building a low cost DIY compost bin will be demonstrated.

Building a Raised Bed: Anita Bailey

Learn how to construct a raised bed, where to locate it, and how to maintain it.  Also, explore other means of creating “contained” gardens, such as grow boxes.

Gardening for Pollinators: Linda Merritt

Pollinators are vitally important to both commercial agriculture and individual gardeners.  This class will introduce you to local pollinator species and tell you how to create a pollinator garden.

Bee City USA: Ann Brown

Bee City USA is a pollinator conservation model adopted by Lookout Mountain and other cities in the U.S.  This 10 minute presentation will provide a brief introduction on what is involved in becoming a Bee City.

Native Plants of Our Area: Johnnie Arnett

April is the premier wildflower month in Tennessee!  Come learn about our local native plants, which ones can be easily used in your own landscaping and which are the best for pollinators.

The Right Soils for Your Roses, Lawn & Garden: Clayton Beaty

Many times the problems we have with our plants and lawns are a direct result of our soils.  We’ll discuss what you can do to improve your soil so that your plants and lawns are getting the nutrients and support they need to flourish.

Pots! Soil! Action!: Jackie Westfield

Limited space doesn’t mean you can’t garden!  Containers can be used to grow flowers, vegetables, or herbs.  We’ll discuss all the advantages and how to get started.

Starting an Herb Garden: Nancy Hoffman

Imagine having a fresh source for your favorite herbs!  We’ll discuss the basics of what, where, when and how of setting up your own herb garden.

Gardens of Ireland: Joyce Brinkmeyer

Come be inspired by some of the most beautiful gardens in Ireland!  Powerscourt, Lismore, Muckross, Glenveagh and others!

Choosing the Right Plants for Your Lawn and Garden: Lu Ann Carey

Could you use some help in choosing the right plants for your landscape and vegetable garden?  We will discuss vegetable plants, perennials, annuals, trees and shrubs. Learn about microenvironments, soil texture, planting and choosing the right plants to accomplish your goals.  Learn about new varieties on the market and good old standby varieties that never let us down. Let's talk about how to spruce up your existing landscape by adding color and texture.

Intro. to Bradley County Master Gardeners: Matt Thayer

This brief talk examines what is involved in becoming a Master Gardener, how the Bradley County Master Gardeners contribute to the community and some of the benefits members receive from being part of the organization.

     Join us in this free educational program which covers a broad range of gardening related topics.  We have a great lineup of speakers who are eager to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences with you!

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