Pictured (L-R): Stacie Campbell Eckhoff and Dianne Hadorn hand out trees while Tiffany Pendergrast’s girls provide additional entertainment.

 Museum Center at 5Points Waterways Connecting Communities Festival (2017)

Cleveland Apple Festival

Holiday Open House & Art Festival at the Museum Center at 5Points (2017)

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Cleveland Apple Festival

Junior Master Gardeners

 Master Gardening Day, UT/TSU Knoxville   (2015)

​L-R: Alice Yarber, Julie Halsey, Jim Laub, Johnnie Arnett, Angie Rapier, Phyllis & Bruce Tilden, Linda Merritt, Nancy Hoffman

Planting shrubs at Cleveland State Community College (2014)

L-R: Ron & Johnnie Arnett, Dianne Hadorn

Aldersgate Speaking Engagement  (2015)

Annual Christmas Party

Health Day, Cleveland Community College  (2015)

L-R: Natalie Bumgarner, Johnnie Arnett, &      Jerry Eppinga                                     

Charleston Cow Pea Festival

Joy Key of the Museum Center at 5Points cuts ribbon for mural opening

Mike Payne, Chairman of State Advocacy Board and a Hamilton County Master Gardener

Ace Hardware Ask A Master Gardener Day

Bradley County Master Gardeners Assorted Photos

Past Officers

Foothills County Fair (2012)

After a night of sorting and bundling, Bradley County Master Gardeners gave away almost 2,000 trees.

L-R: Steve & Leslie Humbert, Julie Halsey and Mary Smith

Master Gardener Meeting at Black Fox Farms (2016)

An Early Organization Meeting

Annual Christmas Party

Grindstone Gardens & Muscadine Vineyard Tour (2018)

It's All About The Green

Johnnie & Ron Arnett (L) with Jim & Joyce Brinkmeyer (R)
Not pictured: Kay Cox & Anita Bailey

Left Photo: Presenters Linda Merritt & Stacie Campbell-Eckhoff

 Spring Wildflower Hike, Pigeon Pocket, GA (2015) 

Ben Williams, CHS engineering teacher explains the hydroponics system to MG members

Some of the Original Members (2012)

First Cumberland Presbyterian Community Garden (2012)

Bradley County Health & Rehabilitation Center (2017)​

L-R: Anita Walcheski, Arlene McAree & Tiffany Pendergrass

Extension Awareness, Bradley Square Mall (2015)

Ryan Cox, CEO of HATponics, Rossville, GA​

 Master Gardener Meeting at Cleveland High School: Hydroponics Program  (2017)

Master Gardeners Class

L-R: Ricky Tallent, Deb & Mike Arnold

Charleston Cow Pea Festival

Past Officers

Hamilton County Fair Flower Show (2014)

250K Tree Giveaway (2018)

Bachman Campus Landscaping (2014)

 Earning Master Gardener Continuing Education Credits

​​Fall Gardeners’ Festival at the Plateau Ag Research & Education Center, Crossville (2017)

 Gardening Short Courses at Cleveland Public Library (2016) 

 Pollinators Seminar (2017)

Junior Master Gardeners